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Tannya graduated from UCLA in 1995 with a degree in Political Science and Communications.  Her lifelong ambition had been to be a television journalist.  She worked part-time for a number of television stations during her school years, and got her first on-the-air reporting job at a small station in Lima, Ohio.  In 1998 she moved to KCOY Channel 12 News, a CBS affiliate, in Santa Maria, California.  She started as the weekend weather anchor and a reporter and substitute news anchor during the week.  After two years she was appointed to the lead anchor for the evening news.   See Tannya report on the Clinton scandal here! (1.1 meg mpeg file).

Update Nov. 2002:  Based on the popularity and success of Tannya's news anchoring at KCOY,  she received offers from stations in Philadephia, Cleveland and other eastern cities.  However  her year in Lima convinced her that she is not a cold weather person.  So she resigned from KCOY in August 2002 and moved to Hawaii to look for a job there.  In October, after interviewing all three news stations, she accepted a job as reporter and fill-in anchor at Fox Channel 2 KHON, the lead news station there.  After just a few weeks on the job she won an exclusive interview with President Bill Clinton.  If we can get a tape of this, I will post it here.

Update Jan. 10 2003:  Tannya was appointed as co- anchor for the Channel 2 News Morning Show http://www.khon.com/khon.asp .   She had been substituting there and was doing a terrific job by all accounts.  This promotion establishes Tannya as one of the leading journalists in the Hawaiian market.   Tannya and her co-host, Chris Matthews have the leading morning news show in Hawaii, capturing more market share than all competitors combined.

  Tannya 2005-2006 l. to r. Tannya wakeboarding at Hawaii Kai; Tannya in Hillsborough; Tannya in Las Vegas.
This is video is encoded with microsoft media-9, so you may need to upgrade your media player.   The speed is 250kb/sec; this means DSL or cable is required.  You may view the credits screen here (also at the end of the video). In 2004 Tannya produces, writes, and hosts her first TV show:  Aloha American Idol.  She did this in her spare time in addition to her news anchor duties.
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Tannya on the air 2001

Tannya's hard-hitting investigative expose of Big Tobacco's latest attack on our nations youth.

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DSC00019s.JPG (91713 bytes) 4th of July, 1999

Tannya does live weather from Pismo Beach.

dsc00001.jpg (270676 bytes) L. Tannya and Trisha, two days before Trisha learned she was elected valedictorian for Temple University, 4/12/99.

R. Trisha, Susan, Bill, Tannya in Kailua.  Bill finished his first novel.

dsc00005.jpg (266907 bytes)dsc00002.jpg (282092 bytes) L. Jay and Tannya play at beatiful Kaneole Bay golf course overlooking the pacific.

R. Susan, Dad, Tannya


Cheers KCOY-TV.JPG (187747 bytes) The KCOY-TV Gang, Nov.-98
Mom and Dad at desk.JPG (103702 bytes) Mom, Dad pose with Tan at the Channel 10 newsdesk
tangrad1.gif (56600 bytes)tangrad2.jpg (117608 bytes) Tannya graduation, UCLA 1996
tansh.jpg (75276 bytes)tanvenic.jpg (141343 bytes) Tan in Greece, Italy Sept 1994