These photos are from the Canon RC-250 video disk camera one of he first electronic cameras.  This camera could store 50 video images on a 2" disk.  I used it up  until early 1992 when the first digital electronic cameras appeared.  At that time I purchased a Chinon 640x480 digital camera, but lost it.  I then purchased the Ricoh RDC-1 in Japan, and moved up from there.

Checking out UCLA, Tannya's senior year in HS

Tannya and mom at the bear

Dad and Tan

Tan 1990

Tannya goes to the prom

Mom's hair?


Sergio, Inyoung, Nucci

Frankfurt Airport museum

Mr. Matano, Tokyo

Inyoung, Tannya, Utah 1990

Back to Utah

Tannya ~1991 at home

Sammy and Inyoung, RSNA or SPIE?

Chun Bin Lim and Inyoung


The mudslike area from bedroom window

First Siemens CT scanner in Erlangen

Z.H. Cho in Garmisch 1991

Peter Grassman and Austria drive

With Irene von Siemens

Christmas 1991 at home