Villa Kailua Bay


Kailua Vacation Home:  One of only 650 beachfront homes on Oahu.  Near world famous Kailua beach-- rated the top beach in the U.S. by Conde Nast.  One of the best vacation homes in the world! Contact Inyoung for rental information.


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 Dramatic Oceanfront Vacation Rental

Spectacular oceanfront living in this rock-solid residence with many unique features. Beautiful marble flooring, fireplace, and oak planters accent this home, and the swimming pool and slate decking are perfect for entertaining.

Five Bedrooms, Three Bathrooms,4,380 sq. ft. of luxury

Unimaginable views of surf and Kailua beach

Want to eat: walk a few blocks through palm shaded streets to the Aikahi shopping center with seven restaurants to choose from.

Walk another short block to the Kailua beach, rated number one in North America by Conde Nast Magazine.

Five nearby golf courses

Maid service; concierge service available.


Directions (MapQuest):

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