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Inyoung Song Boyd Background

Inyoung was born in August 28, 1946 in Harbin, China, the daughter of a japanese-educated korean lawyer who was appointed to administer Manchuria during the japanese occupation there.  Inyoung's chinese name is In-young and her Japanese name is Keiko.  Inyoung's family survived the Korean war by moving just in time to Pusan, but her father later died in 1957.  Her mother died in Hawaii in 2001.  Inyoung and Douglas were married in San Mateo California on February 16, 1986.  Inyoung is best known for her work in promoting early detection screening centers, and the development of Heartscan centers.


Sweet 16 Inyoung in Pusan 1962

Inyoung, Sammy, Jonge in Pusan, 1963

Inyoung's first car in 1969

Tannya, Inyoung, Susan at Grand Canyon in 1986

Susan, Inyoung, Tannya 1985

Inyoung in 2006


Inyoung Boyd