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Douglas P. Boyd Background

Doug's Great Grandparents:

Orsemus Bronson Boyd
Photo of Orsemus Boyd in 1861 at age 17.
Orsemus Bronson Boyd (William, Amos, Henry) was born in July of 1844 in Croton, Delaware County, New York, the son of Henry Boyd and Eliza Jane Bronson. He entered the Civil war when he joined the Eighty-ninth New York Volunteer infantry on September 1, 1861. He served until July 1, 1863, when he was appointed a Cadet in the United States Military Academy. He saw active service and was mentioned for gallantry at Roanoke Island, North Carolina. He entered the West Point Military Academy and graduated in the class of 1867. During this time he was accused of stealing money. This was perpetrated by John Joseph Casey. Orsemus Boyd was found innocent of this crime, but continued to go through West Point. He was ridiculed by his classmates and forced to wear a sign that called him a coward and a thief. On his death bed, Casey finally confessed to the crime, thus clearing Orsemus' name. ***NOTE: This scandal is explained in detail in the beginning of "Calvary Life in Tent and Field". On October 9, 1867 at the residence of James H. Gibney, Orsemus was married to Frances Anne Mullen, daughter of John Mullen and Frances Land, by Reverend Hasbronck DuBois. Frances was born on February 14, 1848 in New York City. She died on May 2, 1926 in Elizabeth, New Jersey and is buried in Treadwell, New York. Both of her parent were from Ireland and she had two brothers, one of which was named James. Orsemus was promoted to Second Lieutenant of the 8th Calvary on June 17, 1867. He served at Camp Halleck, Nevada from November 15, 1867 to January of 1869. He was then promoted to First lieutenant. During this time he was assigned to California and New Mexico. On June 26, 1882 he was promoted to Captain of the 8th Calvary. During this time he did frontier duty at San Antonio, Texas and at Ft. Clark, Texas. Orsemus died at Grafton, New Mexico on July 23, 1885. He is buried in the National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas. He had three children.
More on Orsemus B. Boyd

Lawrence Kulp Stroup Setlow Family

The Setlow family emigrated to the east coast from Russia in the late 19th century with their two children Joseph and Dora.  Dora was Doug's Grandma Perry (see below).  Joseph had two children, Herbert and Ursi.   Joseph's son Herbert had two daughters, Carolyn and Marcie who are Doug's 2nd cousins and reside in New York City today.  Aunt Ursi lives in Florida.

Joe and his son Herbert with wife's?

Photos courtesy of Carolyn and Marcie


Frances Ann Mullins (Boyd) "Munner"
Jeffrey Boyd sent this picture with an interesting historical note in an emai.   Orsemus and Frances had three Children:  James, Henry, and Mabel "Aunt Mabel"


Mary Campbell Holliday (Stroup) "Nonnie"
Mary Stroup (Boyd)
Mary Campbell Holliday Stroup ("Nonnie")  1842-1924. She was also the wife of a Civil War Captain from Ohio , and was the mother-in-law of Henry Boyd ("Hal") 1877-1934 and  mother of Mary Emilia Stroup Boyd  1870-1962.  That couple parented four children: Henry Stroup Boyd (born 1902), James Lawrence Boyd (1904-1989), Francis Orsemus Boyd (born 1907), and Mary Lydia Boyd (born 1909). The woman in the photo lived in an upstairs bedroom at 135 Boyd Street , Boonton NJ




Doug's Grandparents:

Henry Boyd

Henry Boyd (William, Amos, Henry, Orsemus) was born in Fort Clark, Texas on September 4, 1877, the son of Orsemus Bronson Boyd and Frances Anne Mullen. He was married on March 2, 1901 in Washington D.C. to Mary Emilia Stroup, daughter of Lawrence Kulp Stroup and Mary Campbell Holliday. She was born at the National Soldiers Home in Dayton, Ohio in 1870. Henry enjoyed camping and picnicking. Henry and his sons created the Boyd Mortgage Co. in 1928 with money inherited from his grandmother <sic mother?>, Frances Boyd. However this dream was crushed by the 1929 Great Depression. Henry died in Morristown, New Jersey on October 22, 1934 and is buried in the Croton Union Cemetery in Treadwell, New York.
Mary Emilia Stroup (Boyd)
"Grandma Boyd"


Dora Setlow (Perry) "Grandma Perry"
Dora Setlow

Clayton Perry

Doug's Parents:

James L. Boyd
Jim and Dick
Richard C. Boyd and James L. Boyd at Jack London Square, Oakland ~1982

James Lawrence Boyd (William, Amos, Henry, Orsemus, Henry) was born in Boonton, New Jersey on January 15, 1904, the son of Henry Boyd and Mary Emilia Stroup. He was married in Elizabeth, New Jersey on June 30, 1932 to Lois Gertrude Perry, of Elizabeth, New Jersey. James died on February 4, 1989 in Boonton, New Jersey. They had four children: Carol, Richard (Dick), Douglas, William (Bill).

Lois Gertrude Perry (Boyd)

<more to come>


Doug and Bill
Doug and Bill playing with the hose in the front yard of 135 Boyd St. (Sunnybank Terrace) probably in August 1949 or 1950.
Doug in college
Doug at age 17 in November 1959 at the University of Rochester. Here I am holding my 4x5 Speed Graphic  that I used during High School and college for news and yearbook photography. Self Portrait using Kodachrome and Konica F2 35mm camera on self timer.

Doug in his dorm room in 1961 with a partially completed circuit using newly developed transistors. Photo courtesy of Stephen R. Turner, who was his roommate.

Doug at Stanford
Doug in 1973 in back of the High Energy Physics Lab (HEPL) at Stanford, by Steve Turner.
Doug with pion channel
Doug in 1973 with the unfinished parts of his superconducting pion channel at Stanford by Steve Turner.
Catalina 22
Doug's first boat, a Catalina 22' trailable saiboat, in Palo Alto Harbor in approximately 1973. Photo taken with Mamiya Universal camera.   Some years later the Harbor was closed due to local politics and is now filled with mud.  Palo Alto lost this treasured marina-- and Doug moved to Woodside.

Christmas in Hillsborough
Family Christmas 1986 at 1115 Lakeview Dr., Hillsborough, CA. Left to right: Tannya Song Boyd, Susan Song Boyd, Inyoung Song Boyd, Douglas Boyd

Boyds April 1987
The Boyd family gathered for Lois Perry Boyd's (Douglas mom) funeral in April 1987, Seated in the back row are the four children of Henry Boyd who are my father and uncles: Frances O. Boyd, James L. Boyd, Mary Boyd Bonnel, and Henry S. Boyd.



Douglas Boyd