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Subject: Painting of Orsemus Boyd's wife, Frances Ann Mullin

     Attached to this email is a scan of the oil color painting of my great grandmother, the author of Cavalry Life in Tent and Field. I had previously thought this was a chalk drawing, but when I took it out of the frame to scan, it appears that it could be a painting in oils. On the back is a handwritten note, in the handwriting of my mother Ruth E. Boyd (wife of the deceased Francis Orsemus Boyd). The note says, “Frances Ann Boyd (known as Mummer). Mrs. Orsemus Bronson Boyd, author of ‘Cavalry Life in Tent and Field’ Portrait painted in Italy .”

     The spelling of her name in that note differs slightly from what I had learned from other sources in my family. I had previously thought her maiden name was Frances Anne Mullin (known as Munner), 1848-1827. Charles R. Novak has a webpage ( in which he lists her name as “FRANCES ANNE MULLEN (1848-1926).” I believe that Frances was the daughter of an Irish baker in Manhattan , and that she went to dances at West Point , where she met Orsemus and was impressed with his story of unjust treatment for a theft he didn’t do. There may be something about that in the Introduction to her book.

     This painting is in a gold frame, and the opening in the frame measures 5 and inches tall and 4 and 1/8 inches wide (within the oval frame that might cover up 1/16 or so of the outer edge of the painting). After the death of Captain Orsemus Boyd, Frances became involved with Judge William Alonzo Day, who worked at the Equitable Life Insurance Company in Manhattan .  Judge Day was comptroller of the company from 1905 to 1911, and he gave Henry a job working for him.  Judge Day was Henry's mentor, and Henry was Judge Day's protegee ([1]).  In 1911 Judge Day became president of the company, in 1919 he had a heart attack, and in 1927 he became chairman of the board of the Equitable.  That was the year that Frances Boyd died. Judge Day lived in Tuxedo Park in New York State , and was quite wealthy. It is he who bought the Sunny Bank tract of land in Boonton, along with the house at 135 Boyd Street, and gave it to Frances, and that is where my side of the family grew up, overlooking the Jersey City Reservoir in Boonton, which reservoir was built around 1805, I believe. Judge Day was mentor to Henry Boyd (“Hal”) who worked at the Equitable Life Insurance Company, in charge of investing money in mortgages.

     It is reasonable to assume that this painting, done in Italy , would have been during a trip with Judge Day.



     Also attached to this email is a scan of a brown-and-white photograph of my other great grandmother on the Boyd side, Mary Campbell Holliday Stroup ("Nonnie")        1842-1924. She was also the wife of a Civil War Captain from Ohio , and was the mother of Henry Boyd ("Hal") 1877-1934 and  Mary Emilia Stroup Boyd  1870-1962.  That couple parented four children: Henry Stroup Boyd (born 1902), James Lawrence Boyd (1904-1989), Francis Orsemus Boyd (born 1907), and Mary Lydia Boyd (born 1909). The woman in the photo lived in an upstairs bedroom at 135 Boyd Street , Boonton NJ when my father (Francis Orsemus Boyd) was a teenager). She was very kind to him. She had a broken hip the last ten years of her life and was confined to bed. She was a church going Christian, and her faith impressed my father, who was an atheist. This was important years later when I converted from atheism to Christianity.


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    [1]William Alonzo Day, born 1850, went to Harvard Law School.  He practiced law in Illinois, then spent two years in the state legislature, and was mayor of Champaign, Illinois for a year.  At the Democratic National Convention in 1884 he supported Grover Cleveland's bid for the nomination.  When Cleveland became President, he appointed Day to be Second Auditor of the U.S. Treasury, in charge of army, navy, and Indian affairs.  This is where he got the title "Judge".  It is here that he met Francis Mullin Boyd, who was trying to obtain a pension after her husband's death.  When they met Day would have been 35 and Boyd 37.  From 1900 to 1905 Judge Day served as Assistant to the Attorney General.  Frances attended parties with him at embassies and at the White House.  In 1905, at age 55, Day was appointed comptroller of the Equitable Life Insurance Company, and he moved to live in Tuxedo Park, New York.  Judge Day's grandson Wolfram Charles Franklin Day married Frances Boyd's granddaughter Elizabeth Boyd (daughter of James Boyd).