Sailing in Croatia, July 22 - Aug 1

Instructions for ordering prints for these images  The following online services can print these images and mail you the result in a cardboard tube.  They will hancle sizes up to 20" x 30" (approximately 50cm x 75cm); the prices are for 1 20x30 print:  $22 $40 $20  (this is perhaps the best one)
To print in these large sizes, you will want to pick up the full size images from:   The images linked here are 1/4 size for fast web viewing.  The filenames are the same.  If there is a PS7 suffix, that means I have reprocessed (in Photoshop) that image to adjust levels, noise, and sharpness-- the others are straight from the camera.  Link to Fullsize sliceshow: Croatia_fullsize.htm


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