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Photos 2001

Checking out UCLA, Tannya's senior year in HS
Tannya and mom at the bear
Dad and Tan
Tan 1990
Tannya goes to the prom
Mom's hair?
Sergio, Inyoung, Nucci
Frankfurt Airport museum
Mr. Matano, Tokyo
Inyoung, Tannya, Utah 1990
Back to Utah
Tannya ~1991 at home
Sammy and Inyoung, RSNA or SPIE?
Chun Bin Lim and Inyoung
The mudslike area from bedroom window
First Siemens CT scanner in Erlangen
Z.H. Cho in Garmisch 1991
Peter Grassman and Austria drive
With Irene von Siemens
Christmas 1991 at home